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Online Dating Tips

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Positive Vibration

I was online the other night, and I saw an attractive woman in my area was online at the same time.  I messaged her, and we started e-chatting.  Her name is Denise, and she’s gorgeous.  Bit tits, beautiful face.  Great personality.  Not that those are in order of importance, but you know how it is. She said she was going to Kensington Market the next afternoon to participate in the  &#... Read On

Smilla’s Sense of Snowballing

I have been taking some informal polls of my guy friends to see what it is that they find most attractive about women they are dating. Or, in purchase levitra and viagra, buy wellbutrin sr 150mg in usa. some cases, what they find attractive about prospective women, and how they choose one over the other. I’ve noticed, as I talk with them, that it all comes down to the five senses. 1. Sight M... Read On

Internet Dating in the Movies

The popularity and effectiveness of online dating sites has been growing ever since people realized the possibilities of using the internet for social networking. Relationships are built through new connections, and how better to meet new people than through a common singles dating website? Compared to meeting a handful of people with questionable relationship statuses in a bar, surfing through hu... Read On

Beware The Psycho Woman

I’ve been out on the dating scene for quite a while, and I have some advice for all you wandering souls out there trying to find someone to hang out with. READ INTO THEIR PROFILE PICS. A person’s profile pic on their online dating site can tell you a lot about the person. And although you might think a pic is cool, or bad-ass, or sexy, you have to look deeper if you’re going to a... Read On

When and When Not to Approach Women For Sex

I am not a medical doctor. The following blog is based on my experience with women, and a google image search. However, if you’re exactly like me, this will make a lot of sense to you. It is a guide to finding when the best time to date, and have sex with a woman. A woman is like the moon – her cycle is 28 days, usually, and depending on when you catch her in her cycle, you can get a v... Read On

Building the Perfect Woman

When I am looking through online dating for women to date, I am really starting from scratch.  But whoever the woman turns out to be, she is who she is already.  To make it easier for myself, I can search for women with certain values and direction.  I can refine my search to women with a certain body type, or hair colour.  I can further specify sexual proclivities and ethical code.  To have ... Read On

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