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AmateurMatch Review

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Review by Ken Campbell

If you’re anything like me, you would agree that dating online is really the best strategy to find amazing casual dates. I’ve tried all sorts of dating, from traditional singles bars, to speed dating, even to the classic newspaper personal ads. None of these techniques I have found to be as useful as online dating. However, all too often on these adult online dating sites, you’ll see profiles that just look too good to be true. Who are these people? Can they be really real? Well sadly all too often that just isn’t the case. Especially with girls, many of the profiles on so many casual dating sites are either completely fake and made up by the site itself, or they’re in fact prostitutes, who you might think that you’re really hitting it off with, but in fact they’re actually on the job while they’re on a date with you and you wouldn’t even know it. It can take quite a bit of skill to pick out the prostitutes on a dating site, and even a seasoned veteran like myself even sometimes gets fooled. Thankfully there’s a new site out there that solves this problem for you. With AmateurMatch.com, you can be confident that whoever you’re making a date with is a genuine person who is looking for a date just like you.


I found that AmateurMatch was one of the best and most reliable online dating sites that I had signed up for in a while. First of all, the interface at AmateurMatch was clean and simple. You have the option of creating a rather robust profile right out of the gate, but by no means are you required to do that. Granted, if you want to generate interest amongst all of the great members on AmateurMatch, you might consider doing that, since you’ll know by reading any of the articles on this site, having a good profile picture and description is usually key to success with online dating.

amateurmatch-chatOnce you’re in the site, you have a number of options open to you. Probably what you’ll want to do is start browsing other member’s profiles. What I found was that there were loads of members right in my area that were smoking hot and good potential matches to me. I started sending out emails right away. Also, it looked like there were some pretty hot girls who were online that were looking at my profile as well and set up a chat window with me. Well you could imagine my chagrin when I attempted to answer them and found that I needed to purchase a membership before I had the power to do so. Actually, I’m no dummy. I know that just about every dating site worth anything has a membership fee that you need to pay in order to really do anything worthwhile on the site. I went right ahead and bought a Gold Membership.


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So AmateurMatch has two different types of membership that they offer, a Silver Membership and a Gold Membership. With the Silver Membership, you can do customized searches for matches among the millions of members on the site. You can send and receive emails from any and all members. Really, this is all you really need in order to have a very successful dating life, but if you really want to get your dating life into overdrive, I recommend the Gold Membership.

As a Gold Member, you not only can do all of the things that a Silver Member can do, but you also have the ability to instant message other members which can dramatically speed up the process of setting up dates and will ultimately get you laid all the faster. Also, as a Gold Member, your profile will be featured at the top of all other member’s searches, so you’re far more likely to be contacted by other people as a Gold Member. Also with a Gold Membership, you have access to AmateurMatch’s Gold Room. In the Gold Room, you have exclusive deals for products and services that can enrich your dating life, as well as articles with suggestions and advice for dating, and literally thousands of hours of hardcore porn for your amusement. Why would you want porn on a dating site? Frankly I like to just check out the porn a bit to get myself in the mood, before I start setting up dates. Also I find that the porn can be useful to mail to other members that I’m about to meet up with to get her in the mood as well.

Mostly, even with all of these great features on AmateurMatch, if you still are having trouble finding a date, the site owners have provided a guarantee. If you can’t find a date within the first 3 months of using AmateurMatch, you can get a full refund of your membership costs so that there isn’t really any loss on your part. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.



What’s could be the problem with AmateurMatch? There really isn’t all that much to complain about. I was a little disappointed to find that outside of browsing the site, there wasn’t all that much that I could do before purchasing a membership. That problem was solved though once I did purchase one and found a whole world of amazing dates that opened up to me. Also, I might be biased by the fact that I live in a large populated urban area with lots of available singles all around me. I suppose that somebody living in a more rural area might need to travel longer distances to actually meet up with other members which could be frustrating.


Now for the best parts of AmateurMatch. Like I mentioned in my introduction, probably the thing that really sets AmateurMatch above and beyond other similar adult dating sites, is that you can be certain that the people that you hook up with are real people who are looking for a date and not actually prostitutes fishing for clients. You can be sure that AmateurMatch is the real deal.


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