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Asian Lover Search Review

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Review by Ken Campbell

It’s time for me to branch out and try some of the new exciting adult dating sites out there. One particularly exciting one that caught my eye was AsianLoverSearch a new site designed specifically if you’re looking to date an Asian beauty. I think that we can all agree that the continent of Asia is the home to some of the sexiest people on the planet, and even though I’m a white guy, let’s just say I have a little touch of that “yellow fever”. What I found on AsianLoverSearch exceeded all expectations.


One might think that not being Asian myself might be a drawback. Definitely there were a few girls on the site that were only looking for an Asian man. However, I was pleasantly surprised quite how many amazing looking Asian ladies were perfectly happy to have some fun with a white guy. Personally, I was interested in dating a gorgeous Asian gal, but the site caters to any type of oriental pleasure, from men seeking women, to women seeming men, to men seeking men, to gay couples seeking lesbian couples, to straight couples seeking transexuals.. you name it.

I found the interface intuitive and fun to sign up. One caveat, once on the site there was ultimately very little that I could do without signing up for an account. The subscription fee was definitely worth it, a Silver Membership only sets you back $29.95 for the whole month and that’s what I signed up for originally. I found that I was on the site so much that I decided to upgrade to a Gold Membership for the year which averages to only $12.50 a month and opens up so many more features.


AsianLoverSearch has some great features that, in my opinion, makes it stand above the other Asian dating services out there:

  • Free Initial Membership
  • Tons of high-res profile pics – mostly nude and HOT
  • Frequent status updates, new photos, and new members on News Feed, so you’ll never be short of finding a date
  • Webcam functions, E-Chat, and Instant Messaging
  • Message boards and Public and Private Chat Areas


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The Silver Membership includes:

  • Instant Messaging and E-Chat (Unlimited)
  • Contact Any And All AsianLoverSearch Members
  • 100 Day Get Laid Or Your Money Back Guarantee

The Gold Membership has all of these great perks, plus:

  • Unlimited Access to Webcam Feature as well as other Members’ Videos
  • You Are Listed As a Featured Listing In Every Search


Frankly, I was pretty impressed with how easy this site was and how quickly I was connected to some hot Asian action. The format and interface is not unlike a number of other popular hook up sites, specifically XXXLove or SexSearch where I’ve had some considerable success and, just like AsianLoverSearch, I find the interface easy and a joy to use.

I can tell you this much, this white dude sure is happy with all of the dates with the sexy Asian girls that I’ve dated and I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming dates that I have scheduled for the future. If you happen to be a beautiful Asian girl reading this review and you’re thinking of signing up for AsianLoverSearch, make sure you look me up.AsianLovewrSearch_thumbsUp


I’m always a little disappointed when I’m on a dating site and there’s so little that I can do without buying a subscription. So, while the Free Membership lets you browse the site and find some favorite people that you may want to set up hook up, you really will need to buy yourself a full Membership package before you go anywhere with this site. Sometimes sites like this appear to be scams, but in my experience, that’s certainly not the case with AsianLoverSearch.


In this reviewer’s humble opinion, that Membership is definitely worth it. There’s so much to get out of AsianLoverSearch that I’d recommend it to all of my Asian friends who would like to find other Asians, or to anyone else who ever wanted to date an Asian. I’ve already had some great times using AsianLoverSearch, and I’m sure you will too.

Click here to visit AsianLoverSearch.com.

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