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BlackLoverSearch Review

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Review by Ken Campbell

Have you too been struck with jungle fever? No, I’m not talking about malaria, I’m talking about that impeccable desire for a hot ebony gal that is just lusting for a taste of you. Thanks to BlackLoverSearch.com, you won’t have very far to look any longer. This is a great new site for black people to find each other to hook up on a few casual dates, or for people like myself who just happen to be looking for a great place to hook up with a black person.BLS_logo

I am of a similar mind to a certain classic knighted hip hop star, noted for his intense feelings for the superior posterior as well as his consistent honesty. That’s right, I too “like big butts and I cannot lie.” Now, why would I be mentioning my penchant for a juicy rumpus in a review about BlackLoverSearch? Surely, you must be thinking, that the big ass can be found on the feminine kind of all races. This is true, and I have to say that I’ve dated a number of white and Asian women with excellent behinds. However, it would appear that the race with the strongest tendency towards steatopygia would be black people. I’ll just come right out and say it. I don’t just like a big ass, I love it! I want a girl with a ass that defies gravity, that protrudes out into the air like a shelf that I can rest my drink on. I don’t really care all that much what race that girl happens to be, but I have found that I have better luck with the ass search amongst black girls. Thanks, BlackLoverSearch. You’ve now made my search that much easier.


So my experience with BlackLoverSearch began when I was simply looking around the internet for a site that could satisfy my craving for big asses, as well as my realization that if you add it up, I have not dated nearly enough black women in my life as a dating guru. They day that once you go black, that you never go back. Well I’ve dated a couple of black women in my time, and I was always able to “go back” to dating other people after that. Well maybe I just haven’t been dating the right black people. Time to remedy that! After I find BlackLoverSearch and go through it’s smooth and intuitive sign-up process, I feel that I’m ready to start my search for some delectable ebony hotties! I don’t hesitate to purchase a membership since I know that with most of these dating sites, that even if they have a free option, if there’s a paid option then you’re far more likely to have greater success with the site if you just simply buy a membership. Here’s a few observations of the site that I’d like to share with you right now.


It turns out that BlackLoverSearch has a database of millions of users from around the world, naturally most of them being black men and women. Of course there are some non-black interlopers like myself, people who are there because they’d like to date a black person rather than being one themselves. Thankfully, I could find enough hot black women that didn’t mind that I wasn’t a black man. Apparently black men actually do have a tendency to have bigger dicks, so I hope that my own Carlos Danger holds up to expectations. All I have to say is that if one of my dates that I met on BlackLoverSearch is writing her own review of the site right now, I have a feeling that what I had to deliver would be listed in her “Pros” section as well. Moving on!

I did also find that BlackLoverSearch not only had millions of members, but had a great interface that made it really simple to find the types of girls that I was looking for as well as made it really easy to email and instant message them and set up dates. When you’re looking at membership packages with the site, BlackLoverSearch offers a Silver Membership and a Gold Membership. The Silver membership has some great features, but I do recommend going for the gold! The Gold Membership package is only five dollars more and you really get your money’s worth with this. For one, you get featured in all of the searches from other members, you get instant messaging capabilities with all members, and you get access to BlackLoverSearch’s Gold Room (more on that below).



I don’t actually have too many bad things to say about this site. I’m pretty experienced with going on dating sites at this point so I know the drill, but if you’re a newbie to the whole experience, you might be disappointed with the relatively few things that you can do with just a free membership. I get that. It can be frustrating to sign up for a dating site thinking that you’ll start getting dates instantly only to find out that you need to buy a membership in order to make the site really work for you. Frankly, prety much all dating sites are like that, you’ve just gotta get used to it.


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So with a Silver Membership, you can do custom searches amongst the database of millions of members of BlackLoverSearch and send and receive email to as many people as you like. For a strong basic user experience, the Silver Membership is just fine.

With the Gold Membership, though, you not only get all of the features of the Silver Membership, but you also get full instant messaging access to all members, you get featured in all of the searches from other members, and you get exclusive access to BlackLoverSearch’s Gold Room. There you can find some great dating advice, a number of special deals that can enhance your dating experience, and also thousands of hours of hardcore porn. Why would you want all that porn on a dating site? Well the best use of that really is that you can send clips of it to your dates so that both of you know exactly what you each want when you do actually hook up.

Also, both membership packages comes with a “3 Month Get Laid Guarantee” in which you can get a full refund if you have had no success with BlackLoverSearch in 3 months. Trust me, you won’t need that, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

“Bottom” Line

So was I successful with satisfying my big booty desires? Did I get that steatopygia beauty who could shake her booty all night? Let’s just say that I;m a happier man due to BlackLoverSearch.com, and hey, maybe I won’t “go back” this time after all!

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