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EroticAds.com Review

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Review by Ken Campbell

I was awfully excited to try out EroticAds.com since I’ve been hearing so much about the site both within online communities and among the casual dating scene that I frequent here in my large North American city. I’ve always had quite a bit of success with a lot of other sites that I’m a member of, but I figured that it was about time to branch out and give this one a try, to see if it really was all that it was cracked up to be. Well I have to say, I sure was a happy customer to this site! for your benefit, I’ll give you a rundown on just how great this site actually is. 


First of all, the site was quite easy to sign up for. I recognize the intro page as being a little similar to some other adult dating sites that I’ve been a part of in the past. This could be either a popular style of front page for a dating site or these sites could also be part of some larger parent company. No matter, it’s a visually compelling style of intro page, the selection process is smooth and easy and the gradually undressing model who talks you through all the steps is a joy to look at.   If only she was around everywhere I went! Letting me know which sandwich toppings are available or whether to book a first class or coach seat when I’m buying plane tickets. Oh well, I just get her for the dating sites. But I digress.

One difference with the intro to EroticAds compared to a lot of other casual adult dating sites which is a nice progressive touch is that they don’t peg you to any specific type of person that you might be looking for. Some sites will ask you specifically if you’re “a man looking for a woman” or a “woman looking for a man” or a “lesbian couple looking for a man” or something of the like. Some sites don’t even think that there could be any non-traditional pairings out there and will only offer options for single straight people looking for other single straight people! Refreshingly not EroticAds! Instead you have to let them know who you are and how and where you most like to do it, and only then do you have to choose who you’re looking to do it with and you can keep your options as open as you’d like!


Well once I was in the site, I found that things also were pretty straightforward in regards to navigating the site and connecting with other singles for some great casual hookups! I was impressed by just how many beautiful women who were available on the site, and just how easy it was to contact them and set up some great dates. EroticAds purportedly boasts over 40 million profiles, and with that many there’s got to be quite a few dead profiles. Here’s a bit of free advice, whenever you see a number quite that large, you probably shouldn’t trust it. As far as EroticAds goes, though that’s not really that much of a problem because they keep the active profiles up towards the top of your searches and downplay the ones that aren’t used as much so it’s far less likely that you’ll be pining over some beauty on the site who hasn’t been there in years and for all you know is married with three kids and has gained one hundred pounds! No, most of the people that you’ll most likely contact are legit and current members which helps a lot for increasing your odds for hooking up for some great dating experiences.

eroticads_membersI was also impressed by the general quality of beautiful women on the site. There’s some absolutely gorgeous gals here! How do I know that they’re real? Well I couldn’t swear by every single one as being absolutely real, but as soon as I signed up and upgraded my membership to the gold variety (more on that below), I emailed about sixty of them and after just about a couple of days started getting responses back! I’m a pretty experienced casual dater and have been around my share of adult dating sites and I’m pretty familiar with computer generated responses. What I found with the girls that wrote back was none of that.

Here’s the gist of my recent couple of months of dating with EroticAds. I sent out 60 emails almost immediately and got about 55 responses back within the next couple of days. Out of those 55 responses, I managed to keep the conversation going long enough to meet in person with about 48 of them. Out of those 48, 10 or so dates fell through, but the 38 or so dates that I went on from EroticAds, I managed to get laid about 30 or so times in just a couple of months! For the $34.95 a month I was paying for a Gold Membership, I figured that was definitely worth it! Thanks EroticAds!

The site has some great features, including chatting ability and even video chatting amongst fellow Gold members. The site seems to be proud of it’s 100% Sex Guarantee in which they will reimburse you in full if you couldn’t get laid in the first three months of using the site. Now, I don’t know exactly how you can prove your lack of sex one way or the other. I have to say that this guy definitely didn’t have that problem. I’m sure that if you’re willing to admit that you were that undatable, that EroticAds would give you your money back if it means that much to you.


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So EroticAds has a few different pricing options that are probably worth explaining. After signing up, you have the option to upgrade to wither a Silver or a Gold membership. Both types of memberships have a lot in common. With either account you can view and contact all of the members, both types of memberships have instant messaging available, and both have the three month money-back guarantee. However, if you feel like spending the extra 5 bucks to upgrade to a Gold membership, you also have access to the video chat webcams, your profile is featured on all the search results and you also have access to hours and hours of hardcore porn on the site. Now this extra porn may seem like a distraction, after all. you’re not on this site to jerk off, you’re on the site to meet people and get hook ups! However, having the porn right there proved to be vey useful to me, since I could use it as a conversation starter with a lot of the other users and especially during our chatting, I could use the porn as examples of some things that I couldn’t find the right word for, or even use it as inspiration of what I might want to try when I was actually on my dates.


So EroticAds has some great features that makes it really easy to use. There’s a great chat feature, I found the general caliber of the users to be well above average, and the site was easy to use and easy to sign up. I was also happy that, unlike some similar sites like SocialSex, I was pleased not to be inundated with ads on all sides while I was browsing. Since the site is called EroticAds, I thought that that would be the case, which I think might be why I waited for so long to finally try this site out.


So as I said above, there’s no realistic way that any active dating site can actually boast over 40 million members, so I would say that if you look hard enough on EroticAds you’d definitely find some dead profiles. Thankfully these profiles don’t seem to be all that prominently displayed. Also, if I’m in the mood to pick apart this generally very high-quality site, I’d say that the search function could be a little more precise. I’ve been to some other dating sites with a great search function and I’d have to say that I’m kind of addicted to the thing.

Is It Worth It?

As far as EroticAds goes, I’d say almost definitely! I’ve been to a lot of dating sites, and in my opinion, EroticAds is exactly the type of site that works best for finding some great casual dates. I’d recommend EroticAds to anyone who’s looking into the world of online dating, either as a novice who’s looking for a great new site to meet some people and get connected, or to an experienced pro like myself who might just be looking to expand their rep of sites and try out something new. This is what I’d call one great site.


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