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Review by Ken Campbell

All too often, adult online dating sites will attempt to over-complicate things. You might feel like it’s been one too many days that you’ve been single and you think that it might be time to try out a casual dating site that might bring about some good sex dating and maybe get you laid. Really, at that point the last thing that you want is to have to answer an endless series of questions and jump through a gazillion hoops just to get some. If you’ve had this type of bad experience, I don’t blame you if you’re feeling a little skittish about signing up for any new dating sites. Granted, I’ve seen plenty of dating sites that make it seem like you’ll never actually get to the point of emailing any other potential singles and actually go on a date for once. If you’re feeling this way even in the slightest right now, I recommend Fling.com as a refreshingly simple alternative for getting online and finding the date that’s right for you.


fling-girlsIn the same way that it’s name is short, sweet, and to the point, Fling.com is a perfect site to get you started in the world of adult online casual dating. Are you looking for some great no strings attached sex? Maybe a casual romp with a gorgeous woman or man that’s looking for the same thing? This is exactly what Fling is designed to set you up with so that you can have one of the best dating experiences out there without any fuss or muss to get in the way.

I figured that I’d try out Fling myself for awhile, since I was finding that some of the dating sites that I would frequent were starting to grow a bit stale. I discovered Fling through a suggestion from a drop dead beautiful woman that I was fortunate enough to go on a number of dates with. We were talking a little bit after a casual hookup at her place, when I mentioned that I was a bit of a dating guru, and without missing a beat, she asked if I had tried Fling, which was quickly turning into her favorite casual hookup site. I was a little embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of Fling yet, and that some of the other dating sites were working out okay for me, but when I got home that night I went straight to my computer and signed myself up just to see what this site was all about. Well let me tell you, I was happy to see such a site in action.


Like I was hinting at above, one of the best things about Fling is just how easy it is to use. Really, this looks to be a new era of web design for dating sites. Finally, I’m not bogged down by complicated sign-up processes or blocks to search for eligible singles. After just a couple of clicks after signing up, I was emailing a few beautiful ladies in my area and by the end of my first month of using the site, I had been on dozens of dates with people I had met through Fling and I have yet to look back since. Evidently, my positive impression of the way that this site lays itself out had impressed a number of other people as well, since Fling has a database of literally millions of other members around the world. This seems to be the future of casual adult online dating. I wouldn’t be surprised if within a few months we’ll start seeing other dating sites out there imitating Fling. Once you see a successful product, it’s hard to go back to the old ways.



Now the one thing that Fling is just like most other adult dating sites, is that there isn’t very much that you can do without buying a membership for yourself. This can be a little bit frustrating when all you want to do is connect with other people and it looks like you owe something to the site itself to make that happen. However, people can be notoriously cheap (believe you me, I won’t even start with how many people try to hit on me on my Facebook account) and they don’t want to pay for the product that the people at Fling are working so hard to provide in such a nice way. Frankly, since dating is so often a display of generosity and (at least as far as women go) attractiveness can be based on income, it’s probably wise to buy a membership to a dating site, since that’s often the very first impression that your date’s going to get.



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So this might be one of the most incredible aspects of Fling.com. Right now, Fling is doing a promotion to get more members in which they’re unbelievably offering an 18 Month Gold Membership for a mere $16.85 which comes to less than a dollar a month. Really, it almost wouldn’t even matter if Fling wasn’t such a great site. A deal like that is just too amazing to pass up. Sure, the Silver Membership is pretty good for what it is, and if that amazing promotion wasn’t going on, that might be a feasible option for you. You can do custom searches throughout all of the millions of members on the site, and send and receive emails from any of the other members. With the Gold Membership (and I’d be shocked if you didn’t go for this considering the amazing deal you’re getting), you can do all of that, plus send and receive instant messages, and your profile is featured on all other members searches. Not only that, but if you find that somehow it’s impossible to get laid after a few months of using Fling, you’re entitled to a full money-back guarantee, which either speaks to just how committed the people at Fling are at getting you laid, or their confidence with just how good Fling.com is. In any event, a site like this is just too good to pass up!

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