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NaughtyMeetings.com Review

NaughtyMeetings.com Review

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Review by Ken Campbell

So I’ve been around the dating scene for a while now and I thought that trying something new might be the way to go. There are so many dating sites out there that I’ve gotten a little jaded with the whole dating scene. You see, someone like me, who’s been into the online dating world for some time now, knows what’s good and what isn’t. You could almost say that I’m a professional online dater! That is, if there really was such a thing. Instead, I’m more of a dilettante when it comes to online dating, I like to sample. I play the field and try out as many online dating sites as I can find.

So when a friend of mine, a fellow committed casual dater in the online dating scene, recommended NaughtyMeetings.com, I figured it was worth giving it a try! I’ve tried lots of online dating sites in my time and this one was brand new to me. I’ve bee a fan of a number of casual adult dating sites and this one certainly looked promising. From my experiences using sites like EroticAds.com and SexSearch,com, sites with a proven track record of great results when it comes to adult casual dating, I figured that NaughtyMeetings.com might be the perfect venue to expand in order to see what else might be out there for me to experience.naughtymeetings-frontpage


I have to say that I was definitely happy with my experience with NaughtyMeeting! First of all, I was happy to see that the sign-up process was so smooth. As soon as I logged on, a beautiful woman in a bikini guided me through the incredibly simple process of signing up. There’s only a couple of questions that need to be filled out right away, primarily who you are, what type of person or persons you’re looking for (that’s right, NaughtyMeetings isn’t too prudish to think that you might be only looking for one person only for these naughty meetings that you’re looking for), and of course, where you live which is a crucial factor in order to have a successful hookup. Indeed, NaughtyMeetings knows that you’re very likely a straight man looking for a lesbian couple or maybe you’re a lesbian couple looking for a straight man. Frankly, if that’s what floats your boat, it’s possible that your guys would be a perfect match. I happen to be a straight man, and I’ve had plenty of encounters with gorgeous single women in my casual dating adventures but I haven’t had too many opportunities to be with a lesbian couple. I figured that NaughtyMeetings might just be my ticket to such a thrilling tryst!


Well not long after I signed up for NaughtyMeetings, I was presented with a wide array of amazingly sexy lesbian couples in my area. I have to say that not all of them would be interested in me, being a straight man. Some of them were looking for other lesbians, some of them were looking for gay couples, but thankfully there was quite a few of them looking for a guy just like me and I was there to deliver that to them. I attempted to send an instant message to a couple of them who fit my criteria of being incredibly hot, in my local region, and looking for a man just like myself.

Now here was where I ran into what I found to be the biggest drawback of NaughtyMeetings. Even though it looks free, and you can indeed look at peoples profiles for free, in order to contact them you really need to purchase some sort of membership package. They do offer a short-term membership package for a mere $1.95 for three days, but I was committed to meeting a hot lesbian couple and I couldn’t guarantee that three days would necessarily be enough time to do that. The Silver Membership looked like it had some decent features, for instance I could email any member I like, as well as a fully customizable search engine in which you can find any member that you like that fulfills any type of stat that you’re looking for. This option definitely sounded tempting to me, but once I examined what the Gold Membership had to offer, which includes unlimited instant messaging, a featured presence in all searches, and access to the NaughtyMeetings Gold Room, and not only that, it was only a mere five dollars more, I figured that I couldn’t resist and I went for the Gold.

The Cost

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So here’s what you get with a membership to NaughtyMeetings.com

- With both Gold and Silver Memberships, you get unlimited customizable searches and emails to all members

- NaughtyMeetings comes with a “3 Month Get Laid Guarantee” in which the site will refund you the cost of your subscription if you were unable to hookup within the first three months of membership

- With a Gold Membership, you also get unlimited instant messaging to all members, as well as being featured in all searches done by other members

- The Gold Membership also comes with exclusive access to the NaughtyMeetings Gold Room, which has a plethora of dating advice, as well as access to thousands of hours of free hardcore porn. Why would a dating site have so much pron available on it? I find that while I’m chatting with members and trying to set up a date to hookup, I find that it’s often helpful to send them a clip of something that you might be interested in pursue when you finally meet.

The Bottom Line

So you’re probably dying to know if NaughtyMeetings was the thing that brought me to that hot lesbian couple that I was looking for. Well once I had a Gold Membership, I sent out about 50 emails over the course of the month, as well as instant messaged just about every member that was appropriate that was online at the time. Out of those 50 or 60 different members that I communicated with, I managed to organize about 40 dates with some amazing lesbian couples. Let’s just say that I just about have had my fill of lesbians for a while. I’m definitely glad that I got this happening through NaughtyMeetings.com and I’ve had some remarkable success. I highly recommend the site to anyone who is looking for a great place to casually hookup for some awesome sex dates.

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