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Spark.com Review

Spark.com Review

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Review by Ken Campbell

Spark.com is a site for singles (mainly in Canada and the US) who are looking to date, meet new people, find the love of their life, or just pass some time! The whole premise of the site is to create a “spark” between it’s members.

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I would suggest Spark.com to those who are new to online dating because it is user friendly and easy to use. On top of that, there are hardly any ads or banners to distract its members. Overall, it’s very easy to navigate.

The “flirt” feature makes it really easy for those new to online dating to send messages to other members. This feature allows you to send a pre-written one liner to potential matches. You can chose from a whole bunch of different one liners to send out all depending on which one you think would attract their attention.

When I was logged into the my account, I sent out a whole bunch of pre-written messages to women who I found attractive and did not get one response. I’m not sure if it was because women don’t like a generic message or if it was because they were fake profiles. Many testimonials did say that they thought there were a lot of fake profiles on Spark so please be weary of that.

The one thing that stands out compared to other dating sites is that as a a free member on Spark.com, you are able to respond to an email if it is sent to you by another member. So potentially you can find a match without ever paying.

Spark.com does not offer dating tips, stories, articles, online magazines, etc. that most other dating sites offer.

All in all, Spark.com is you easy to use, has minimal features, but great for those new to the online dating scene.



  • Over 7 million registered members throughout the world but mainly from the USA and Canada.
  • Free to sign up, browse profiles, perform searches and reply to email messages.
  • Free members cannot access audio/video messaging features, access chat rooms, IM, or email.
  • “Click” feature, which allows members to show interest in someone quickly. On every profile, there is a button that says “Think You’d Click?”. You then have to click “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”. Then, they are given the option to answer the same question. If you both choose yes, then it’s up to you to take it to the next level. This also makes for a great ice breaker for those who are a little shy.
  • See when member’s were last online, add them to your hot list, ignore list and see if they are online.
  • Search for a particular relationship; date, long term, friendship, intimate, marriage, etc.
  • Technical support.


Signing Up:

  • Signing up is easy and simple.
  • The profile is reasonably detailed, but not over the top.
  • You must include a photo.


Things We Love:

  • You can ultimately find a date/match without ever paying. If someone is interested in you and emails you, you can email them back for free.
  • You are required to upload a photo unlike many other dating sites where you don’t need to. This makes it easy to filter out those who aren’t necessarily serious or those who are just signing up to see whats out there and not actually being active.


Room For Improvement:

  • On the homepage Spark says that they are cheaper than some of their competitors, but there is no way to see any pricing plans until after you complete the sign up process.
  • Spark doesn’t offer extra features like a blog, dating tips/advice, articles, etc. like many other dating sites for it’s members.
  • It seems as if a lot of members are inactive. Therefore it’s difficult to actually find someone to chat with on a regular basis.



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